About us

The firm’s principal purpose is to provide a source of independent legal advice on the great diversity of highly complex structured investment products targeted at institutional investors. 
One of the main problems for investors, as far as legal complexity and risk are concerned, is that the law firms with relevant expertise very often only make themselves  available to advise the “sell-side” and not the investor. 
We believe that our firm is unique in acting exclusively for investors in this market.  As a result, our clients benefit from our extensive experience and understanding of the legal and structural issues in the documentation of those transactions that are among the most complex that they are likely to enter into.
Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk
The firm advises on all types of transactions involving a derivative element (including bilateral swaps – such as CDS and ISDA related documentation generally).  We advise on most variations within the broad range of securitisations – and most commonly CDOs, as well as any other type of “repackaging”.  We advise on dynamic equity structures such as CPPI and dynamic index structures such as CPDO.  Our firm advises on most products/transactions originated by a “structured credit desk” or “structured equity desk” or “CDO desk” within an investment bank or commercial bank.