Our experience

Transactions/Advice - In recent years the firm has acted for investors and noteholders in relation to:

  • advising one of the largest financial institutions in Germany in claims arising from the downgrade of a Swap Counterparty and contractual interpretation in relation to a synthetic CDO

  • advising on unwinding/liquidating CDO transactions

  • advising pension funds on liability management issues including longevity swaps

  • legal analysis of bank hybrid capital issues documentation

  • advising investment funds in relation to acquisition of distressed debt instruments

  • advice on termination of swap agreements and maximisation of capital recovery

  • advice to institutions investing in corporate bond issues (including structured bonds)

  • advice in relation to margin calls and the impact of volatile market conditions on various derivatives, especially currency and interest rate options and swaps

  • advice to institutional investors holding bonds with regard to the government interventions in the Bradford & Bingley (UK) and Washington Mutual (US)

  • advice to institutional investors involving the collapsed investment bank Lehman Brothers where they are the counterparties, creditors, and noteholders in investments where Lehman Brothers is the reference entity in relation to a wide range of issues (close-out provisions, valuation methodologies, the filing of claims, guarantees, structured notes and ISDA agreements)

  • advice on first to default swaps and CDS

  • advice on termination of investment management agreements

  • restructuring of CPPI transactions

  • restructuring of synthetic CDO transactions

  • restructuring of CLN transactions

  • advice on variance and dividend swap transactions and other equity derivative transactions

  • restructuring of variety of other bespoke structured finance transactions such as SIVs and SIV Lites

  • one of the first rated CPDOs (Constant Portfolio Debt Obligations)

  • various cash CDOs

  • various synthetic CDOs

  • the establishment of the first wholly European CDPC (Credit Derivative Product Company)

  • legal due diligence in relation to the acquisition of portfolios of structured finance investments

  • a variety of exotic currency and commodity swaps and options.


David Doble Law acts exclusively for institutional investors in the international structured finance markets. During the same period, the firm has acted for (inter alia):

  • one of the largest state pension funds in Scandinavia

  • one of the largest commercial and retail banks in the Middle East

  • one of the largest retail and commercial banks in Spain

  • one of the largest retail banks in Germany

  • one of the largest landesbanks in Germany

  • one of the largest commercial banks in India

  • one of the largest insurance companies in Austria

  • one of the largest banks in Austria

  • one of the largest commercial and retail banks in Sweden

  • one of the largest commercial and retail banks in Ireland