Seminar: Financial market abuse and benchmark manipulation: A guide to institutional investor compensation; Frankfurt, 7th March 2017
David Doble Solicitors
Oppenhoff and Partner     Oppenhoff and Partner

Financial market abuse and benchmark manipulation:
Prospects for institutional investor financial compensation

Seminar - Tuesday 7 March 2017, Frankfurt

The seminar will review the progress of institutional investor class actions in all the current
major benchmark manipulation and financial market abuse cases, such as LIBOR and FX. Guidance
will be given as to whether passive or active involvement in these cases is advantageous or
Details of the manipulation of international financial markets and key financial
benchmarks over the past decade continue to emerge. The scandal of LIBOR manipulation
has been followed by allegations of misdeeds across a range of other markets and products.
They include manipulation of other benchmarks such as ISDAfix; of price fixing in the primary
and secondary markets for US Treasuries and for Supranational, Sub-sovereign, and Agency Bonds;
and of suppression of competition in the global markets for Credit Default Swaps and Interest Rate Swaps.
Internationally, government investigations have resulted in fines in excess of USD 16 billion.
In addition, it is estimated that settlements of civil claims in the US courts currently amount to
more than USD 4 billion.

Civil cases brought on behalf of 'End users' in these markets will continue throughout 2017.
This seminar will examine likely developments in these cases and prospects for compensation for
affected institutional market participants.

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Jérôme S. Friedrich, Partner, Oppenhoff & Partner - Simon Spangler, Junior-Partner, Oppenhoff & Partner, Frankfurt

The German perspective

  • Current legal environment: regulation of benchmarks
  • Legal consequences of recent manipulations: anti-cartel enforcement and sanctions imposed on banks
  • Legal consequences of recent manipulations: claims of damaged parties
  • Collective actions and collective redress in anti-trust actions in Germany?

David Doble, Senior Partner, David Doble Solicitors, London

Class actions in the US and the UK - routes to compensation for market participants

  • 3 types of financial market abuse
  • Benchmark manipulation - LIBOR; EURIBOR; ISDAfix
  • Price fixing - US Treasuries; Supranational, Sub-sovereign and Agency Bonds
  • Competition suppression - Credit default swap markets; Interest Rate Swap markets
  • Who are the Defendants?
  • Routes to compensation

Anthony Maton, Hausfeld LLP, Managing Partner, London

Focus on the Forex market manipulation case - class actions in the US and the English courts

  • The story so far - the Forex market manipulation anti-trust suit in the US courts
  • Who is eligible to participate in the US settlements and who is not
  • How the global Forex market is alleged to have have been manipulated
  • Class actions outside the US


Place: BVI Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V.
Bockenheimer Anlage 15
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Date and Time: Tueday 7th March, 2017. The seminar will run from 10.00 am until 12.15 pm. Welcome and coffee from 9.30 am.
Cost: There is no charge to attend this seminar
Lunch: A buffet lunch will be provided after the seminar to which all attendees are invited
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