​Legal advisory to institutional investors

Welcome to David Doble Law, the law firm that advises institutional investors on derivatives, structured finance and capital markets, from corporate bonds through hybrid products, to complex structured investment products. 

Our role is to assist investors to understand what they are buying, restructuring, unwinding or litigating in terms of the legal and structural risks that lie at the heart of these complex and innovative markets.  Our clients include some of the largest institutional investors; they are banks, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds in Europe and beyond.

If you have a question or comment for us, then please write to info@daviddoble.com or call us

About us

The firm’s principal purpose is to provide a source of independent legal advice across and diverse structured investment products targeted at institutional investors. 


One of the main problems for investors, as far as legal complexity and risk are concerned, is that the law firms with relevant expertise very often only make themselves  available to advise the “sell-side” and not the investor.

What we do

The twin principal services we offer are:


  • Transaction documentation for complex structured transactions (such as CDOs, derivatives etc)

  • Disputes arising from investments in complex structured transactions; and advice in connection with any restructuring proposals in respect of their investments


In recent times the firm has acted for institutional investors in relation to:


  • The development of fraudulent misselling claims in the English courts.  These arise out of the admissions made in recent years to the US Department of Justice by various global banking groups in connection with the "the packaging, securitization, issuance, marketing and sale of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS)" in the years leading up to the Global Financial Crisis

  • Disputes between institutional borrowers and secured lenders; and between derivatives counterparties, arising out the fire sale collateral assets in the wake of market turmoil in the Spring of 2020.